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The Medical Staff of Long Island College Hospital decided five years ago to do our best to save LICH when we realized it was being gradually destroyed by Continuum Health Partners, the Manhattan-based management organization contracted with in 1998.

With our funds, we hired a legal team and consultants and established this website to help us free LICH from this destructive relationship. We faced numerous roadblocks, given CHP’s financial resources and powerful connections.

Although we were successful in severing most of LICH from CHP, the agreement that was reached resulted in LICH being part of Downstate Medical Center and the SUNY system. We predicted that this arrangement would not work and was doomed to failure, a prediction which recent events have confirmed.

Despite an outpouring of support for LICH at a recent Public Hearing,The latest announcement by SUNY proposing to closeLICH was confirmed by a vote of the SUNY Board recently. This has convinced us that we need to not only reactivate "Concerned Physician of LICH" and this website but also to work hand-in-hand with the rest of the LICH community - nurses, employees, community, and local elected officials - to petition New York State authorities and whomever else necessary that LICH needs to remain open.

The downtown Brooklyn community needs LICH and it needs LICH to provide its full range of services. While things are hardly perfect at LICH, the problems that exist could be readily corrected by effective, modern management once we have management that truly focuses on LICH, and making it the premier medical facility in Brooklyn that it was not that many years ago. Sadly, CHP’s and then Downstate's mismanagement has led us to the state in which we now find our community hospital.

Please join us to help save LICH and to restore it to what it was for many, many years - a premier community hospital serving the local community. Let’s join in not only saving LICH but in building its future together.

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