Board Members

Please contact us via email for any questions or information

  • Toomas M. Sorra, MD - President
  • Leonard Novarro, MD - Treasurer
  • Douglas Sepkowitz, MD
  • John Romanelli, MD
  • Concha Mendoza, MD
  • Balendu Vasavada, MD
  • Saul Melman, MD
Our Hopes
  • We hope to highlight that it is critical for the downtown Brooklyn community that LICH remains open - this is our community hospital and we will not be forced to live without local healthcare.
  • We need to form a strong coalition of all interested parties - physicians, nurses, other employees, community leaders, and elected officials - all of us working together can save LICH!
We cannot allow hospital beds to be turned into condo shares - stop the conversion of LICH into commercial real estate.
We need the help of all of you, all of the friends of LICH - contribute your time, your thoughts, your support, your connections, and your dollars - to help save LICH!